A path from incapacity to contribution
The Alnwick Garden Summer Photography Project was designed to give a unique opportunity to a small group of long term unemployed from the deprived Ashington area. The unemployed volunteers were selected on the basis that they had a
demonstrable and long standing interest in the visual image and a desire to learn more about photography. More...
Procurement Cupboard
 The Cupboard provides a framework for procurement professionals to find case studies, tools, primary documents, and other content to help them to address the field of sustainable procurement. The Cupboard is user-driven, enabling you both to find others’ work and to share your work with others. 
Seer addresses a critical hole in the existing approaches to sustainable procurement. Large public sector organisations are being asked to meet a wide range of priorities not only in procurement but across all of their activities. Increasingly the need is for evidence led decision making and prioritisation. However at present there is no effective way of providing a strategic overview of an organisations sustainability More..
Intellectual Property Foundation
This is such a simple and good idea and I have wasted more time trying to get government interested in this than anything else I have ever failed to achieve.  So please if you can find anyone with the common sense to get it, then tell me and we might finally make it happen.   More...